Jun 282008

In preparation for my new toys arriving from VibeReview for me to review and tell you all about, I decided it was time to dump my toybags and “clean house”.

Wow talk about Land of Misfit Toys. If the garbage bag bursts, somebody’s gonna get an eyeful.

Before I talk about all this, let me just say that I feel like a late-bloomer. It seems to me that younger men and women are starting their sexual revolution so much sooner in life than I or my friends did. Now, granted, we didn’t grow up in California or NYC but it wasn’t Bumfuck Egypt either. So it might or might not come as a shock to you all that I purchased my first real vibrator in December of……..2005. Yes, BF had gotten me one or two before this but it was something I rarely used. A mere dildo didn’t interest me. But my first clit vibe (which I still have and love) was an awakening. I had never had a clitoral orgasm up until that point. Also, I realize that my toy collection is going to be sparse and boring compared to so many of my online friends who read this and have blogs of their own. I’m working on it!!

The only thing missing from my collection right now is the horse crop. It was a gift from a souvenir shop at the Kentucky Derby, and I don’t think the intent was for me to use it on someone’s lovely ass. But for beginners or those who can’t take much pain, I have a rope-whip shown in the picture. The nice thing is that it allows me to REALLY get into it, really get my whole body into the whipping of someone without making them bleed, haha.

I tossed out my Doc Johnson iVibe Rabbit, which was great when I first got it, for the first few times…my enthrallment with a toy that did so many things at once might have worried my BF a bit. It’s been a few years since I purchased it. But the feeling of a toy that vibrated on my clit, vibrated inside of me WHILE spinning with the head of it tilted a bit to hit my gspot…let me tell you, that was about the quickest I had ever orgasmed. Period. I think I laid there, spent, giddy and giggly for quite some time. Sadly it died after not too long. I’ve been reading other reviews that say their Rabbits died quickly too, no matter the brand.
I had to toss my “Big One”. Something odd happened to it, I’m really not sure what. I loved that guy. Nothing special, just a vibrating dildo, except for the size. 8″ x 2.25″. So big that it took effort to get it in my tight cunt anytime I wanted it but after a minute there was nothing better than being filled up.

I tossed some others which didn’t have any value to me, they were just crappy toys.

What am I left with? Oddly, more leather than toys. Sadly most of this leather was purchased for use on a certain man who’s no longer in my life. The wrist restraints will fit me on the last hole but that leaves alot of excess strap hanging.
Some things have never been used, like the leather mattress corner straps. Basically two big o-rings with 2 leather straps – when you move the leather straps it will all fit perfectly over a mattress corner leaving you o-rings to clip the restraints to. I purchased them to be used on me but have never had cause to use them yet.

I am addicted to vibrators. Sadly, I am addicted to expensive ones, lol. I am forever in search of, it seems, the holy grail of sex toys. Perhaps in the upcoming months VibeReview will come through for me and I’ll test out the perfect-for-me toy.

I think I’m going to quickly outgrow my two toybags and need something bigger…..a steamer trunk, perhaps?

  • Jack

    If you are taking applications for sex toys I’d like to apply.

  • Facts and Friction

    The We-Vibe looks oh so intriguing, $130 though – ouch!

  • Lilly

    I know I know, ouch indeed. I -warned- you I had expensive taste…

    No comments on all that leather though, I hope I didn’t scare you poor little boys off ;)

  • Facts and Friction

    I wouldn’t have imagined you as such a restraints fan, it was quite a surprise. On a slightly unrelated note, I’ve got a new leather bag and it smells and feels amazing. I love the idea of a girl being restrained, arms and legs all secured so completely vulnerable… I could do whatever I wanted to her and she’d only be able to complain, unless I got annoyed and gagged her of course…

  • Lilly

    I’m full of surprises you. Which shocked you more, the fact that I have been on the dominant side of the restraints or simply that I own all of that?

    I have a nice gag good for shutting up – has a penis head for her to suck on. Of course for -my- benefit there’s on o-ring on the outside of the gag for fitting in a flared-base dildo……. ;)

  • James

    Certainly not scared – those restraints look like a lot of fun from either side. Hmm, maybe I’m switch after all…